Which city was the birthplace of the Italian renaissance?

Which city was the birthplace of the Italian renaissance?

  1. Lecce 2. Milan 3. Florence 4. Rome

Florence – The “rebirth” was born in Florence in the 14th century. It was there that the great Italian minds of the Renaissance developed a new era of philosophy, art, literature, and culture. This “new age” was nothing like the dark Middle Ages; instead it would breathe a sense of enlightenment throughout Europe (although the “Age of Enlightenment” wouldn’t come until the 18th century).birthplace of the Italian renaissance.

 Florence was the perfect city-state in which the Renaissance might thrive. The banking and commercial capital was third in Europe only to London and Constantinople, so there was money to think, build, and create. This allowed artists and intellectuals to establish patronage in order to develop their talents. Florence easily became the cultural capital of Europe — and, arguably, the world — during this era.birthplace of the Italian renaissance

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