Viral News: Wild boar friendship with man for 25 years .Do you know the story behind this rare bond

Wild boar friendship with man

Wild boar friendship with man : Mahendra saw the piglet soaking wet in the rain and reached for it with pity. He fed and protected it. Since then the wild boar cub has become a member of the Mahendra family.

Man and wild boar friendship: In the present competitive world, the days of considering one’s fellow man as an enemy for one’s growth and growth are over. However, man has a good friendship with animals. He thinks of animals like dogs and cats as his own family members. For some .. In addition to celebrations such as the birthday of their pet, richness .. Sometimes some people even write their property in the name of their pet.

That is why articles on human-animal friendship are always captivating. The trust shown by animals towards their loving owner melts hearts. But recently a man .. suddenly befriended a wild boar. Even in one day or two .. not just matter of one year The friendship between the man and the wild boar has been going on for 25 years. Mahendra Patra, a resident of Malkangiri, has been in the wild boar news as a family member. Going into details .

Wild boar friendship with man story

Mahendra lives in Malkangiri district of Chhattisgarh. When the area where Mahendra lived was flooded 25 years ago, a piglet was washed away in the floods. Then Mahendra rescued the wild boar that was drowning in the water and took it home with him.

He fed and protected it. Since then the wild boar cub has become a member of the Mahendra family. A few days later he informed the staff of the forest department. They thought it would not be safe to leave the small child in the forest and then Mahendra told them to raise the child. What Mahendra did with this was to raise the pig himself. Kissed and named it Raju.

When it gets a little older it is left in the forest by forest officials but returns shortly after. This happened twice. Moreover, whatever Mahendra feeds him, it eats wild boar. Wild boar never eats anything. With this, Mahendra fell in love with it and has been sticking to it ever since.

He currently lives in a temple. People are also friendly with the wild boar. So far no one was harmed. Sometimes the pig goes to the forest for food but returns to Mahendra’s house in the evening. Leaving Mahendra at night, the pig does not even sleep.

Wild boar friendship with man Summary

He says it weighed 400 grams when it came to him. Mahendra puts in the wild boar the dishes he eats like gudi bhog, fruits, odisha, rice, dalma. Not to mention that it never eats non veg. Currently the friendship between the two is going viral on social media. Fida for friendship.

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