Who was Eliza Fletcher? She went Missing After Being carry off While Jogging

Who was Eliza Fletcher

Who was Eliza Fletcher Memphis, Tennessee- Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old school teacher went missing after she was jogging near the University of Memphis area early Friday. The Memphis Police revealed that she may have been abducted and a $50,000 reward has been offered to find Eliza Fletcher. Police say Eliza was last seen at Central … Read more

Agnipath: Trains on fire. Student scenes at Secunderabad station

Agnipath Trains on fire

Agnipath: Trains on fire Regarding Army recruitment . The Agneepath scheme announced by the Center is deteriorating. There have been concerns across the country against the recruitment of the Agneepath Army. Concerns were raised in the northern states yesterday . The fires have now spread to Telangana. On Friday, Army candidates led by Congress and … Read more

Viral News: Wild boar friendship with man for 25 years .Do you know the story behind this rare bond

Wild boar friendship with man

Wild boar friendship with man Wild boar friendship with man : Mahendra saw the piglet soaking wet in the rain and reached for it with pity. He fed and protected it. Since then the wild boar cub has become a member of the Mahendra family. Man and wild boar friendship: In the present competitive world, … Read more