Meesho Company Offer : We give bumper offer and full salary to the employees.Take 365 days leave!

Meesho Company Offer

Leading domestic e-commerce startup ‘Meesho’ has good news for employees. Made available a new leave policy for employees. As part of this, employees can take 365 days off. It also offers a full salary for vacations. Employees are happily choking on this offer.

With the developments taking place around the world, the respective startups are laying off employees to minimize the risks. But with its Bangalore-based operations, Meesho makes a number of key decisions aimed at employee protection. Implemented a new leave policy called ‘Your Care’. Under this full leave policy, full salary is paid for the leave taken by the eligible employees.

Meesho Company Offer Full Salary

An employee working on your show may take long-term leave due to illness. If the family members of the same employee fall ill, the employee will be paid 25 per cent of the salary for three months. She clarified that the salary should be paid only if the leave is due to personal reasons other than health issues.

Meesho Company Offer(Our goal is this)

We have introduced a new leave policy aimed at the welfare of the employees working in Misho and their family members. If an employee or their family member falls ill, they should not hesitate to take leave for their care, ”said Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Resource Officer, Meesho. However, most employees may not use this policy. But he said the policy will have an impact on the company.

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