Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir Plans To Take Rhea’s Signs On Divorce Papers

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update : Ranbir Plans To Take Rhea’s Signs On Divorce Papers The Episode starts with Ranbir saying that he will fight till his last breath for his family’s happiness and security. Rhea says you will do this if you have a family. She takes a knife and stabs Prachi in her stomach. The blood falls on Ranbir’s face.

It is Ranbir’s imagination and touches his face. Stanley comes there. Ranbir says Rhea will not give me divorce easily, I have to do something. Stanley collides with Rhea and says sorry. Rhea calls him and asks if this is football ground, no. it is my house and I know how to walk in my house. She says she is Rhea Kohli. Stanley thinks so she is Rhea, and thinks Ranbir Sir is divorcing her.

He says some days are not good, we all have bad days. She asks if you are Pandit and can see future. She says today is the lucky day for me. Stanley says you are not understanding me? Rhea asks whose guest you are? Stanley says I am nobody’s guest, I came to deliver something. Rhea says so you are delivery boy. Stanley says he is Ranbir’s new intern. Rhea asks what is your salary? She shows him her shoes, and tells that it is more costlier than his salary, so learn to walk as per your status.

He says I already told you sorry. She scolds him for arguing with her. Prachi says enough and says I am seeing what you was doing, and says what do you mean how much is his salary, and asks if she will decide his status. She says he was calling you Mam, and asks her not to test his self respect. Stanley tells his name. Prachi says guest is like a God, and apologizes to him and asks him to enjoy the party. Stanley thanks her. Rhea asks Prachi to stop it.

Stanley says so she is Prachi, with whom Ranbir sir wants to spend his life with her. Ranbir comes there and says he is Stanley. Rhea acts sweet and says Stanley ji introduced himself. She excuses herself. Prachi also goes. Ranbir takes Stanley to his study room. Stanley asks if he is promoted. Ranbir says you are here as you are smart as you said that Rhea will not divorce me.

He says we have to think so that Rhea gives me divorce. Stanley says I like Prachi. Ranbir gets up shocked. Stanley says I mean Prachi Maam. Ranbir praises that Prachi’s heart is big as Rhea mind. He says Rhea gets angry fast and she is stubborn, if she wants something then wants it. Stanley asks if she has done wrong with Prachi. Ranbir says Rhea had done many things with Prachi.

He says when Prachi returned home and claimed myself to be her husband, then Rhea intoxicated Prachi and took her signatures. Stanley asks Ranbir to use her own idea on her and take her signatures. Ranbir says if it is not wrong. Stanley says it is tit or tat, even Rhea did wrong with prachi, asks him not to think much.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update Continues

Ranbir says you are very smart, and says I will name Property and business on Rhea’s name and will buy rented house from Sudha ji. He says he has a drink which will make her inebriated and says you will do my work. Stanley says yes.

He says I will ask Lawyer to make the alimony papers ready. He asks Stanley to make her drink indisguise of a water. Stanley says she is already angry on me. Ranbir says he will change all his get up.

Rhea goes behind Prachi and says it seems I have to remind your status and limits to you. She says if you forget your limits, then I have to forget my limits. Prachi asks what? Rhea says you acted to be sweet infront of the intern.

Prachi says you called me sweets. Rhea says you are sweet, people can get diabetes. She says your sweet talks irritates me. Prachi says forget me, focus on the party and you can talk to everyone normally, then you will understand that there is no sense of your talks and thoughts.

She says you have already crossed your limits, by marrying my husbands and says who will cross more limits than marrying an already married man.

Ranbir gives fake beard and moustache and waiter’s costume. He says I will get the drinks and then we will take her signatures. He calls Lawyer and asks him to name his property and business on Rhea’s name. Sudha comes to Ranbir’s house and says he was the son of a big house.

Her son says you used to scold him. Sudha says he was not doing work then and Prachi used to work. Dida greets them. Sudha says Ranbir invited us, they used to stay in our house.

He says mom used to scold him. Sudha says they came to my house in bridal wear and since they came to our locality, everyone used to think that their boyfriend and girlfriend shall be like them. Dida and Shahana laugh hearing this. Shahana says your house will be famous if you get their name written outside the house.

Prachi sees them and is going towards them. Ranbir thinks Sudha ji will tell Prachi and will ruin the surprise. He collides with waiter and misses to see them. Prachi gets happy seeing them. Sudha says you got the glow which pregnant lady have.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Updates

She says they missed them. Prachi says she was very attached with her house, and when she was leaving, she felt as if she is leaving something behind. She says if she can stay in that house, then she will live all her life in that moment. Sudha asks if she is sure. Ranbir comes and hugs Sudha to stop her. He says I am happy to see you all here, and tells that he met them in the mall.

She says she used to call him lafandar. He says someone used to call him lafandar. Prachi recalls. Sudha is about to tell. Ranbir throws a glass and asks Prachi to dance with him. Prachi says why I have a thought that you don’t want me to meet them. Stanley plays the music. Ranbir says my wellwisher wants me to be happy. He says you have someone who wants you to be happy.

She asks who? Ranbir says he is infront of you. He dances on the song ek tu hai….Vikram smiles seeing them dancing. Rhea gets angry and says why he is dancing with Prachi, he shall dance with me. Aaliya asks Rhea to relax and says this is farewell dance, and says Ranbir is saying bye to Prachi. Rhea says he would have told in simple language that he wants to divorce her. Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2022

Sudha and her daughter in law praise their Jodi and tells that their love never got less. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Sudha asks why? If satyanarayan puja is going on. She says I would have refused to sell the house to someone else, and says she sold the house to Ranbir as Prachi likes it.

Pallavi hears her. Dida tells her that Ranbir is buying the house so that he can ask Prachi to leave this house. Shahana couldn’t believe.

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