Constipation is a natural way to get rid of diarrhea

Constipation is a natural way

The food eaten becomes energy. After absorbing the energy from the food the remaining waste is excreted by the digestive tract under the stool. This process should proceed naturally. Then what is eaten will take cooking. Problems with bowel movements can lead to many health problems. So care about intestinal health.

People with constipation use medications as a remedy. These are called laxatives. Once started and used for a while .. then the natural process will slow down. It is better to follow the pathways for comfortable diarrhea, safi defecation in natural prepared ways rather than receiving medicines.

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhury said that prunes are a good remedy for diarrhea. Even those who have been taking laxatives for 15 years say that if they stop taking them and take prunes, they will get better results within 15 days.

Constipation is a natural way Expert

“Prunes are high in fiber. Only 7-8 fruits can replace 20 per cent of the fiber our body needs daily. 25-35 grams may be required.

After starting to take prunes (dry, dry), reduce the intake of fruits if you feel watery diarrhea. It contains sorbitol. It has high laxative properties. To whom should they take what suits them best. I have a good result with only three fruits.

If I have to eat food that causes constipation I will eat two extra of prunes that day. Eating prunes soaked in water works more effectively on constipation, ”explained Rashi Chowdhury.

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