Bhagya Lakshmi 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th December

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th December : The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi about the love band which she found in his cupboard and says you had given this to Malishka, then how come it back here? Malishka cries and says my Rishi. She picks up the torn pieces of Rishi’s pics. Kiran comes there. Rishi says it is Malishka’s love band.

Lakshmi asks did you take it back from Malishka as you both had a fight. She says it is wrong to fight like kids and says I will return it to her. Rishi says it is not neccessary. Lakshmi says she is your good buddy, she is right that you have changed a lot.

She says now she is getting married, we will do so good with her that all the fight between you both comes to end, and you will not refuse me. She goes to keep the love band in his cupboard. She gets restless and keeps hand on her chest, recollecting their moments.

Kiran comes there and asks her, how she will fix the picture now. She asks her to return the things to Rishi and says he is confused and is not afraid that he will lose you forever. Malishka says that’s why I agreed to marry Viraj. Kiran asks her to take risk and move on in life. She says if Rishi loves you truly then you will understand that he can’t live without the person whom he loves. Malishka says that’s me.

Virender comes to Dadi and greets her good morning. Dadi asks him to be happy always and pulls his ears for not sharing his happiness with her. Ayush comes there happily. Dadi pulls his ears and says you both are same to same. Virender asks her to leave his ear. Dadi says you both hide things from me. Virender and Ayush tells that they will tell her and ask her to leave them.

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Dadi leaves their ears and asks them to say. Virender says he came to know about this in the night. Neelam comes and asks them to come and eat food. They all go to dinning table. Dadi says she couldn’t know anything. Karishma asks Ahana where was she? Ahana says I was sleeping in Devika’s room lat night. Sonia says their thinking level is same and asks what had happened? Devika says it is odd, you are deciding our thinking level. Ahana says you are judging us. Sonia says fortunately and unfortunately, we are in the same house. Neelam asks Sonia not to show this kind of attitude. Sonia says sorry. Neelam tells Karishma that she needs to talk to her. Virender asks her to do breakfast.

Neelam says she will do it after sometime. She goes with Karishma to talk. Lakshmi comes there and touches their feet. Dadi and Virender ask her to just greet them. Lakshmi says she needs their blessings. Dadi says Virender’s side of blessing is always for Lakshmi. She says he didn’t tell me the reason for his happiness. Dadi, Ahana, Devika and others are all happy. Lakshmi says you all are so happy, I shall have told you in the night itself. Virender and ayush say ghai.

Malishka comes there. Lakshmi hugs her and says we were talking about you. Malishka says all my problems is because to you. Neelam tells there is some problem between Sonia, Ahana and Devika. She asks her to find out what happened between Sonia and Ahana. She says I don’t want my kids to fight with each other.

Karishma says seriously it is not like that. Neelam says it is the test for parents to handle the kids. She says our kids shall not have differences in their heart and asks her to find out the reason. Lakshmi asks Malishka what did I do? Neelam and Karishma come there. Malishka says you have increased my work, you met Viraj’s dadu and now he wants me to learn from you.

Kiran, Viraj and Dadu comes there. They greet each other. Viraj introduces Oberoi to Dadu. Virender says belated happybirthday to you. Dadu says I am meeting you for the first time, but after hearing about you all and after meeting Lakshmi, it is like we are one family. Viraj says Dada ji has become Lakshmi’s die hard fan.

Dadu says Lakshmi does magic. Ayush says yes. Dadu says Rishi is a magician too and have done magic with Lakshmi, and bringing a big happiness in to our house. He says I wanted to share my happiness with you all and that’s why I came here. Viraj says actually the matter is. Malishka says let me announce and say my problems is due to Lakshmi, my dada sasur asked me to learn to make sweets from Lakshmi.

Neelam asks what did you say? Malishka asks if he didn’t tell his family and tells that Viraj and her roka is there tomorrow. Dadu says they have to come and get their roka done. Rishi coughs. Lakshmi goes to bring water for him. Viraj says it is a good news. Virender says we all are very happy. He asks Neelam.

Dadi says elders are happy in children’s happiness. Ahana and Devika congratulates Malishka. Dadi asks Dada ji to sit. Dada ji asks her to call him samdhi ji. Dadi asks him to sit. Neelam asks Malishka to tell ifs he likes what she wanted before. She asks Suddep what is it? He says Lakshmi asked him to bring. Malishka goes with Neelam.

Dadi asks Sudeep to bring sweets. Sudeep says Lakshm bhabhi is bringing. Dada ji asks how you can be so lucky Virender to get Lakshmi. Virender says God made the Jodi and I got the credit. Karishma asks Malishka and Neelam to ho and says she will talk to Kiran and come. She asks Kiran if she has forgotten why they want to get Malishka and Rishi married. Kiran says I didn’t forget, Rishi has changed.

Lakshmi comes there. Dadi asks her to make everyone eat sweets. They tease Lakshmi and Rishi and talks about their romance. Ahana says whenever we catching them romancing, they get shy. Ayush asks them not to trouble them. Viraj says I have to say this, and says Rishi…you are so lucky as you got Lakshmi and says you love her equally and she is also lucky.

He says if anyone don’t want to marry, then you both shall meet him and that person will agree. Dada ji says Viraj agreed to marry and giving lecture on marriage, due to Lakshmi. Virender hopes Viraj stays happy after marriage with Malishka and thinks she might be marrying Viraj to take revenge on Rishi.

Malishka tells Neelam that Rishi can’t leave Lakshmi after a year and that’s why she wants to get married. She says Rishi likes Lakshmi now. Karishma tells Kiran that Rishi is good and doesn’t love Lakshmi, he is behaving nicely with her as he is good. Kiran says Rishi is so good that he don’t want to leave Lakshmi. Karishma asks why are you talking like Malishka. Malishka tells Neelam that she can’t wait for a year, if Rishi has to stay with me then he shall break his relation with Lakshmi.Bhagya Lakshmi 4th December

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