Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways for July

Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

One way to increase demand is with NFT aerdrops and NFT gifts. Airdrop is the free NFT release to a separate Web 3.0 wallet as a token for active participation in cryptocurrency trading or the purchase of other digital assets.Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

It’s also a way to promote a particular NFT to get people’s attention. Similarly, NFT giveaways are often a way to give free NFT to loyal users or followers of certain NFTs.

Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways for July

NFT developers use Airdrop as a marketing tool to promote their NFTs and increase user interaction. The purpose of this approach is to increase the value of NFTs and increase their acceptance in their communities. In July, some of the top NFT airdrops look promising.We’ll take a look at some of the best NFT airdrops in July:Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

1.Noft Games

This airdrop is designed to celebrate the next generation of Cyberpunk Nofts. The Noft Games Airdrop prize fund is $ 600 with NOFT tokens and 1,000 different Noft NFTs. Noft Games is a fun and playable game based on BSC. The game allows participants to take part in spectacular battles with small foreign monsters, improve game features, destroy and capture enemies! Each round of the Noft Games is a fun and colorful race, entertaining and entertaining athletes as they compete for the Noft Games money.Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

How to participate:

  1. Login to the Noft Games Airdrop page
  2. Follow @NoftGames on Twitter & Retweet the Airdrop Tweet
  3. Join Noft Games on Discord
  4. Sign up on the website and verify your email
  5. Perform additional tasks to earn extra entries
  6. Provide your BSC wallet address

2. OkayBadBoys

OKBadBoys allows Bad Boys to win one of 3,000 OBB NFTs (worth $120,000). The Solana Blockchain Collection houses 10,000 NFTs, filled with hundreds of breathtaking visuals drawn by Akemi, a Japanese illustrator who loves manga and video games. Okbadboys’ hand-crafted creations include Humans, Blue Alien, Green Alien, and Superboy.Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

How to participate:

  1. Join OkayBadBoys on Discord and leave your Solana wallet address on the #✨OG-Whitelist-for-Free-NFT
  2. Follow @OkayBadBoys on Twitter
  3. 3,000 OBB NFTs will be given for Free

3.Fight of the Ages

Fight Of The Ages has an airdrop extinction of 50,000 50,000 FOTA, to be collected by lucky users and two hundred lucky shippers. This airdrop expires on July 13, and distribution begins on August 5.Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) is an AAA Metaverse Gaming project that combines MOBA and RPG elements and uses Microsoft Mesh technology. Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

NFT technology in the field of FOTA has been optimized to give users the opportunity to store valuable digital devices while traveling. DAO is more than a MOBA gaming platform; it also has economic processes and democracies, according to development teams.Best Airdrops and NFT Giveaways

Here are the steps to join the Flight Of The Ages Airdrop

  1. Start the Fight Of The Ages Airdrop Telegram Bot
  2. Join FOTA on Telegram Channel & Group. Follow @FightOfTheAges on Twitter
  3. Retweet the pinned post with the hashtag #FOTA #MicrosoftMesh #MR
  4. Follow @Grey_1811, the CEO of FOTA
  5. Submit your BSC wallet address and details to the Bot

At the end of the campaign, eligible participants will receive twenty $FOTA tokens worth approximately $8. Besides, the first 200 referrals will receive more FOTA tokens each. The total airdrop allocation is 50,000 $FOTA.

The total amount blocked in Solana DeFi decreases by 870 million dollars, the SOL price is corrected by 35%


Myria is a decentralized platform Ethereum Layer 2, designed to support digital assets, non-fungible chips and blockchain games. To win and receive rewards, you must play the game. $ MYRIA Knot and Token will be removed soon.

  1. Visit Myria Sigil NFT Drop page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and choose your Alliance carefully because the decision is permanent
  3. You will be redirected to the NFT Rewards screen to create your account and join the Discord to earn credits and claim free Sigil NFT and other rewards.
  4. Continue completing more missions to unlock additional unique rewards.
  5. After gaining enough points for the chosen reward, you proceed to click “Claim Now,” and that’s how you officially join the Myriaverse.

How to join Myria airdrop:

Participants can also earn 20 points for each successful referral they make. The rewards remain on the participant’s inventory until they are ready for minting onto the Myria Layer 2
After gaining enough points for the chosen reward, you proceed to click “Claim Now,” and that’s how you officially join the Myriaverse.

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