Apple Banana Juice: Cool apple banana juice .. like the preparation

Apple Banana Juice

Apple Banana Juice: As part of our diet we eat fruits like apples and bananas. Eating these is very good for the body. These contain many different types of nutrients that the body needs. Apple is very useful in losing weight and keeping the heart healthy. Frequent consumption of apples improves digestion. Apples are also very useful in preventing asthma.

In the same way, eating bananas also provides the body with vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, as well as vitamins such as potassium, magnesium and iron. We eat most of these directly.

You can also mix apples and bananas and make it into a juice and drink it. Drinking this juice reduces the dullness of the sun and gives instant energy to the body. Let us now know the details of how to make juice by mixing apple and banana.

Ingredients for making apple banana juice

Apples – 2 (small), banana – 1, milk – a glass, ice cubes – enough, honey – 2 tbsp, sugar – 2 tbsp or less, almonds – a little, cashew nuts – a little.

Apple Banana Juice Preparation Method

First wash the apples clean, peel and slice. Now put the apple slices, milk and ice cubes in a jar or blender. In addition, the bananas should also be sliced.

Now put the lid on and hold the mix for 5 minutes. Now remove the lid, add honey and sugar, cover again, hold the mix for another 5 minutes, pour into glasses and garnish with cashews and almonds.

Doing this will make a very tasty apple banana juice. Drinking it not only provides relief from the sun but is also very good for health. Those who do not eat apples and bananas directly can also make this juice and drink it. You can get the benefits of drinking this juice by eating apples and bananas.

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