Aay Khuku Aay Movie Budget And Box Office Collection

Aay Khuku Aay Movie

Aay Khuku Aay Movie Budget And Box Office Collection: We are going to talk here about the budget and box office collection made by Aay Khuku Aay Movie, let us tell you that this movie is a type of Bengali language film, which has been made by putting a budget between Rs.5 to Rs.1000000000.

Some films are so emotional that everyone can relate to the film, the trailer of the Bengali Film Aay Khuku Aya was the same, the trailer was amazing and audiences loved that, here we are going to tell you about the Budget and the box office collection of the film.

Which is available to watch on a very low budget, tell that you do not get to see a special star cast in this, but still this movie is available to watch very well, people like it very much in theaters. It is coming now and if you guys watch at the present time, then through this Aay Khuku Aay movie, you will get to see all the information about the scheme budget and box office collection, if you want to see the movies then here You can enjoy the movies available on.

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Aay Khuku Aay Movie

Aay Khuku Aay was released in theatres on 17 June 2022, When I saw the trailer of this film this movie follows a normal storyline of father and daughter’s love movies like this before also made in the Indian industry, but, the way it was executed was just brilliant.

For your information, let us tell you that the Bengali film that is available to watch here also has a lot of different types of things to see, where the box office collection in the Bengali movie is also very high. If we get it, then let us tell you for your information that here this movie has been released in a Bengali language, which is available to watch from the Bengali industry, in the entertainment industry, the Bengali industry is much smaller to see.

The budget of the movie is approximately 4 crores this budget includes fees and promotion charges also the budget of the film is low because there was no VFX work and there is no such big cast in the film.

Where its collection is also going to be seen down, where according to some sources it is being estimated that the box office collection of which is around Rs. 2500000 from BSA on the first day when the vox office collection was done. That’s how you get to see people over here.

The film is expected to collect decent some on the box office, the advance bookings were decent and the film is expected to collect in the range of around 20-25 Lakhs, we are trying or best to get the accurate reports related to the box office of the film.Aay Khuku Aay Movie

Aay Khuku Aay Movie

The film needs at least 10 Crores to get a Superhit tag at the box office, Previously Raavan has done personal business at the box office and collected more than 15 Crores which is one of the highest for the Bengali cinema.

Let us tell you that this film is very good, where if it is seen according to its budget, then if the movie earns a lot, then or the movie can prove to be a superhit but at the same time if this movie is not able to earn a lot. So this movie will be a complete flop in the cinemas of India and will be successful in doing nothing less, then in this way let us tell you that this movie is based on the Gajju box office collection and hit and flop only and only on earning. Is

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